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Minimum pension contributions will increase on 6 April 2019

The minimum amounts you and your staff pay into your automatic enrolment pension scheme will increase from 6 April 2019.
How this applies to you
If you have eligible staff in an automatic enrolment pension scheme you will need to make sure that at least the minimum amount is paid by you and your staff into the scheme.
If you don t have any staff in an automatic enrolment pension scheme, you don’t need to take¬†any further action.
The increase
The table below shows the minimum contributions payable and the date when they must increase:

Employer minimum contribution Staff contribution Total minimum contribution


New rate:

6 April 2019 onwards








Current rate:

6 April 2018 to

5 April 2019







What you need to do
It is your responsibility under the Pensions Act 2008, to make sure the right minimum contributions are being paid for your staff. If you are already paying above the increased amounts, you don’t need to take any further action. You should also let your staff know about any increases being applied to their contributions.